Vyborg is the original home of the Finnish clubs Lahden Reipas and Kouvolan Sudet, among others. The Avangard Stadium in the city centre was originally designed by the Finnish architect Uno Ullberg as the Vyborg central sports arena.

Vyborg is a popular holiday destination among Finns and can be reached by car and train as well as by ship from Lappeenranta in the summer.

The local club FC Favorit develops their junior operations actively and manages teams in several age groups.

Visas from Finland to Russia


Visa alternatives are E-visa or group visa from Finland to Russia. Together with the team, we are considering the best option for a visa.

Accommodations in Russia

Accommodations in Russia

The tournament organizer has a local travel agency arranging accommodations in Russia:

t. +7(921) 308 9303

Traveling to Russia

By booking a bus for a team from Finland to Russia or traveling with Alegro to St. Petersburg or Vipurg. We will give the teams the best advice on the matter.