Sestroretsk is located 35 kilometers northwest of downtown St Petersburg. Siestar river was a border between Russia and Finland from 1812 until the Second World War, and part of the Grand Duchy of Finland from 1812 to 1864.

Good sports infrastructure: three international standard football fields, sports and fitness facilities. Close to sporting facilities there are comfortable hotels. The jewel of Sestroretsk is Dubki Park, a sports park in St. Petersburg.

The FC Sestroretsk was founded about 70 years ago. The football club is very active with around 370 players in all age ranges.

Visas from Finland to Russia


Visa alternatives are E-visa or group visa from Finland to Russia. Together with the team, we are considering the best option for a visa.

Accommodations in Russia

Accommodations in Russia

The tournament organizer has a local travel agency arranging accommodations in Russia:

t. +7(921) 308 9303

Traveling to Russia

By booking a bus for a team from Finland to Russia or traveling with Alegro to St. Petersburg or Vipurg. We will give the teams the best advice on the matter.